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from your pink ladies!

Welcome to the second issue of this volume of the Candyland Chronicle. We're very excited for what the months of December and January will hold for Candyland Couture and for you the ever so great members, because without you Candyland wouldn't be what it is today. These issues will be posted on the 15TH OF EACH MONTH, which gives our Moderators ample time to get articles together. Also, hello from the Pink Ladies - Alice, Sydney, Aislinn, and Kathy. We hope you enjoy this issue of the Chronicle!

First, we want to give a shoutout to some special members of the staff team. First, congratulations to MIAMI who recently joined our staff as a Coding Moderator. We're so excited to work with her and experience her enthusiasm for the coding section! Second, congratulations to SOPHIA who has graciously regained her position as a Coding Moderator. She was a former Coding Moderator and one of the originals for the Candylandy Staff Team. Then we have KELLIE, who has been welcomed back to the team as a Writing Moderator. She formerly served a short stint as a Advertising Moderator. We're so warmed by her enthusiastic ideas and excitement and it's great see someone so passionate about writing. Next, we would like to welcome DESI, who has taken on the mantle of Awards Moderator. She has been a graphics making machine and has filled our site with a lot of majorly beautiful graphics. Congratulations to KATLYNN who accepted the position of Graphics Moderator and has been a phenomenal addition to the staff team. This woman is a graphics goddess and blessed our board with some breath taking graphics. Next, we would love to welcome RIKA to the team as a Community Moderator. Her excitement and thought provoking discussions have been noticed around the board and we applaud her efforts! Then, we would like to take this time to welcome back to staff JOSIE, who has resumed her role as an Advertising Moderator. Before she served as both a Head Moderator and a Advertising Moderator. Welcome back to the team! Finally, we would like to welcome ASHLEY to the Advertising team. This girl is an Advertisement sorting beast and brings so much to the team from talented writing to a sunny personality. Welcome to all the new staff members, welcome back to the returners, and congratulations once again!

winter staff search

Candyland Couture is seriously looking for ALL Staff Members! As you can tell, we are short on staff in every single category and we need YOUR help! Don't be afraid to apply. There is never someone who is not good enough to apply and we need all the help we can get. Please remember that in order to be a Graphics, Writing, Coding, or Awards Moderator, you must have a skill level of only INTERMEDIATE or above in order to obtain the position. This does not mean you have to be ranked already, just that you have to have the skill level already. The positions we are currently looking for are 2 GRAPHICS MODERATORS, 2 COMMUNITY MODERATORS, 2 CODING MODERATORS, 3 CHALLENGE MODERATORS, 2 WRITING MODERATORS, 3 AWARDS MODERATORS, and 2 ADVERTISING MODERATORS. If you are even the tiniest bit interested, please check out more about the duties and how you can apply HERE. We'd love to see some of you become a part of the Candyland Family! Please send all applications to either Alice, Sydney, Aislinn, or Kathy.

current challenges




it's officially winter time!

It's officially winter of 2016 soon to be 2017!! To witness the birth of winter and usher in the much awaited falling of snow, holiday music, school breaks, and the likes we have a lot of fun filled winter events planned that we hope everyone will enjoy and partake in.

For this holiday season, we want to celebrate the amazing members of Candyland Couture by featuring our Candylanders in a holiday scrapbook! We think this will be a wonderful way for all of us to get to know more about each other and bring some holiday cheer to the site as well! We ask that any Candylander that wants to participate (we hope you all will!) submit a form giving us a little info about yourself as well as an image you'd like to share (could be of you or not). Then around Christmas day, they'll all be compiled into one scrapbook! Please go read more HERE!

And as we always do we would love to showcase our line of holiday themed challenges this year that the lovely 'Fia has crafted for our holiday delight! There are challenges for coders, artists, and writers so please feel free to drop into any of them and let your holiday light shine as you let your holiday sheer out! You can find these great challenges right here! If you have any questions about any of them please direct your questions to Sar, our challenge team leader or to 'Fia, one of our resident head moderators!

One special area I would really love to highlight is the battle arena and special challenge sections. It houses a plethora of challenges that push and challenge coders, writers, and artists to the peak of their abilities. They allow for freedom and growth along with fun and enjoyment. You can pit yourself against some of the sites most talented people in all three areas or you can simple do a challenge all by yourself at a leisurely pace. The possibilities are endless, and ultimately not utilized enough.

The first section would be the battle ground royal. A forum where you can request battles that would pit you off against any number of opponents set on a stage that you've chosen. It's a great way to test your mettle and see if you have what it takes to be number one! You can find all the information about battles and how to sign-up at this thread.

The special challenge forum houses the 100con event, quote me this, the alphabet challenge, competitions, and the break the mold competitions! The challenges give everyone a great place to stretch their wings, hone their crafts, participate in some fun events, and test themselves. You can have your own pace with the alphabet challenges or hone your worth for a new promotion that you might want. You will find all the information for the different challenges in this forum.

other going ons

We would love to take the time to draw attention to a very under utilized section of Candyland Couture, and that would be the Critiques section. This forum is a place to come seek advice and thoughtful consideration on pieces of all manner, finished and unfinished, to grow and better your skills on said piece. We all sometimes need to have another practiced eye look over some of our pieces and sometimes to see the errors we can't and sometimes to just give us al little push to finish one particular piece that has proven quite difficult. You also have a wide variety of support boards to have other practiced coders, artists, and writers help you solve the small knots that might appear in your tapestries. The Candyland staff really hopes that everyone will once again utilize this valuable resource that can be found here.

The next section of the board we would really like to bring into the light is our gallery section. We have three nifty forums that house the three respected disciples, coding, writing, and graphics. Here artists come to post their galleries to display their works and get comments and praise for their hard work. It also helps the promotions team accurately judge people who apply for promotions. We would love to encourage all of our members too not only post their own galleries if they have a specialty, but also to take and dive in and give several members much needed praise. It takes nothing to show a little kindness to anyone. So please feel free to browse the area and give a little loving to our hard working coders, artists, and writers!

The final section we would love to highlight once more is the King Kandy's Candyland Adventure. It is the single most important stewed event that is always running and sets Candyland Couture apart from every other resource board out there. We have our own unique adventure with levels that you can code, graphic, or write your way through. It's a highly ingenious game that puts your creativity to line and tests your mettle. Alice, our founding admin invented this game solely for here and all of the Candyland staff take great pride in it. You can find the game information and signups located here and here. So please take the time to dive in and partake in the singular most unique board game here on Candyland Couture because we promise you it's deliciously sweet!

resources & tips

Here are our resource and tip highlights for the month.

Scratchpad This website is extremely popular for coders to preview their codes in real time as they make them. For those of you Candylanders who were unfamiliar with this tool, you can thank Bri for sharing it with us! We highly recommend it for all coders, whether you're just starting out or you're working to accomplish more complex codes.

Rotating Header/Banner The lovely Crystal has provided a code for forum owners who want to feature multiple headers on their forum. Maybe you have several headers for your board that you want to show off. This code can be an awesome way to give your site a little versatility!

Multiple Transitions by Sophia Transitions are a creative and interesting way to spice up your dohtml templates! The only thing better could be... multiple transitions! It can be a complex feat, so Sophia's tutorial could be a big help if you're looking to accomplish utilizing multiple transitions in a code. She recommends this tutorial for coders of at least an intermediate skill set!

Creating Mini Profiles If you want to make your own mini profile, Becky's got your back with this tutorial. She takes it step-by-step in a very detailed fashion that makes this tutorial usable to even beginning coders. If you want to make a unique mini profile for your site, her tutorial could be a huge help, so be sure to check it out!

Aimee’s Coloring Tutorial Besides being extremely well-written and detailed, Aimee’s tutorial not only presents an easy way to achieve a beautiful coloring in PS, but also explains and makes use of various techniques in a way that allows the artist to apply bits and pieces of this tutorial to other aspects of graphic design. Everything from gradient maps to fill layers and every adjustment layer in between is explained in detail in this one extremely useful tutorial!

GIFs Inside of Images: GIFs Inside of Images I don’t know about everyone else, but it took me literally ages to figure out how to do this on my own! When I was first starting out, I really wish I had this tutorial to help me along the way. Mixing animation with an existing graphic can be extremely intimidating to new artists, but Essi’s tutorial explains each of the steps in great detail and males the process way less difficult. If you haven’t started experimenting with animation, I highly suggest checking it out!

Selien’s Textures – Stained Pack - Click to download the specific pack! I downloaded this texture pack by Meteoriet! when I first joined Candyland and I have not been able to stop using it since! This particular texture pack is super versatile in adding excellent lighting to images, adding a smoky effect to a finished graphic, or for easily managing the brightness/contrast in a graphic. It’s easily become a staple in my resource folder!

Silver’s Font Packs Text is hard, but font packs make it easier! One of my biggest problems is letting my font folder get stale; I have a few favorites that I find myself reusing over and over again sometimes, which is never a good thing! In any of the font packs put together by Silver here, you’re going to get oodles of new, different fonts to test out and try! I love the variety in these packs as well, so it’s super easy to find a bit of everything in here!

Our first writing spotlight tutorial was written by Ambrosia and it is called How To Be Well-Rounded. It's a great tutorial for when you are uncertain of which path your character should go down. Ambrosia's advice is to look to your character's past and see the moments that lead up to the present. Remember that there's typically more than one event that will define a character's destiny. She also advises that your character should show more than one emotion throughout the story. This tutorial is a good read for those of you that might be stuck on where to take your character next, and it has some good examples of character development, so this is a recommended read!

Our second spotlight tutorial is one written by Rora and it is called debunking asexuality. It's a great tutorial that focuses on breaking down asexuality, a term for someone who does not experience sexual attraction. Rora defines the term and answers some common misconceptions about asexuals, including questions about how people find out if they're asexual and about the struggles of being asexual. This is a good read for those of you that wish to write asexual characters or want to understand more about it.

Our first spotlight resource is one written by Sarah and it is called A Guide to Ranks. It is about the titles and ranks given to those of noble birth. Sarah divides the terms up into three groups - royalty, major nobility, and minor nobility. Some featured terms would be: emperor, duke, queen, etc. This is a great resource for those of you that wish to write about life in a country that involves these kinds of ranks, or otherwise wish to learn more about these terms!

Our second spotlight resource is one written by Aislinn and it is called Danger Awaits. It is a Harry Potter plot and it is set in the Marauders Era, during the First Wizarding Battle. Voldemort is rising in power and is gaining more followers. The Ministry is refusing to accept this danger and in order to stop Voldemort, Dumbledore is putting together the Order of the Phoenix. This is a good read and possible plot to use if you're looking for a Harry Potter plot of this kind!

member of the month

Charlotte (Steadily)

This month's featured member is Charlotte, a new member who has truly embraced the Candyland family in its entirety. She's been active in challenges and recently received a promotion in writing! Charlotte is friendly and always hanging about in the community! We love the dedication and really appreciate having such a loyal Candylander on the site. Below, you can read a special interview, taken by Fia, one of our Head Moderators:

1. What is your favorite thing about Candyland so far?

I just loooove how friendly and welcoming everyone is! I remember all the replies to my introduction thread and I felt really happy to find such a sweet place. XD Comments in my galleries always make me smile because of the wonderful words, and Candyland Couture is really active, which I think is just great. D

2. You've been really active in challenges specifically, what's been your favorite one so far? Why?

I wasn't too active actually But my favorite was the Mother of Dragons colorization challenge! It was my very first and I was happy with it after I was done. And I got third place for that too!

3. What's your favorite kind of writing and why?

I love writing short stories. Most of my short stories are written in first-person, and they're usually based on what I've experienced, my emotions, how I feel, etc. I just think writing short stories is so therapeutic, and I feel great afterwards. It's like a means of catharsis? I'm reluctant to post my short stories though, because I sometimes feel embarrassed after writing them.

4. What's your favorite music to listen to when you working on a project? Why?

I listen to all kinds of music, it's weird actually hahha. I don't have a favorite genre. Recently though, my jams when working on a project are Ue o Muite Arukou by Kyu Sakamoto and It's Only A Paper Moon by Ella Fitzgerald. They're just really light and catchy and I love singing/humming along.

5. How has your fall been going so far? Done anything memorable?

It's been coooold! Brrrrr!

6. What do you like to do outside of Candyland? Like your favorite hobbies, books, etc. etc.?

I looooove reading, usually young adult books. My favorite books are Harry Potter, Shadowhunter Chronicles, The Grisha Trilogy, A Court of Thorns and Roses, and so many others. I also love photography and I'm taking a photography class, I love playing basketball, and I love swimming, but I'm just an amateur in all of that! I don't watch too much TV, but I just started watching The Office a week ago and now I'm on season's official. I have no life.

Bonus: What is your favorite animal?

Eagles! (and cats...and's hard to choose one)

site of the month

A Shadow Born

A Shadow Born is an RP site based off The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The board promises that no one needs to have played the games in advance before joining. They've helped simplify the rules and game information to incorporate them into the RP. As the site aptly sums it up, think of a medieval site with dragons, magic, and creatures.It's a very active site and has a very dedicated member base. Below is an excerpt of their plot, please feel free to drop in and give their site a good browsing!

The Dragonborn showed himself to Skyrim, successfully defeating Alduin the world-eater and visiting the home of the dead Nord Warriors of old, Sovngarde. This hero saved Nirn, but Skyrim was still full of strife. Everyone was eternally grateful to the Dragonborn, but the civil war of Skyrim never really ended.

Soon after the return of the Dragonborn from Sovngarde, Emperor Titus Mede II was declared dead from assassination, an interesting turn of events in regards to the Skyrim Civil War. It's especially important, considering the Emperor signed the White-Gold Concordat, the treaty that weighed heavily in favor of the Thalmor, and ended the Great War. This treaty allowed the Thalmor entry into Skyrim to abolish the worship of Talos, and caused the disbandment of the Blades.

No replacement was made for the Emperor. Years and years passed, but finally the Thalmor wanted back into Skyrim. It was the land that they had yet to have, and its deadline was long past due. Even though the Civil War was left at a standstill, Skyrim was fortified to become a land of strength and independence. There have been attacks by the Thalmor, but the people of Skyrim always stand strong. Leadership of Skyrim has changed greatly, and is important to the outcome of this new era.

book of the month

The Orchardist

By Amanda Coplin.

The Orchardist is a heart wrenching novel set in the rural Pacific Northwest at the turn of the twentieth century. The main character, William Talmadge, is a solidary man tending to his orchard like they’re his family. His life is peaceful and retinue with little to no change. That all changes when two teenage girls show up in his orchard stealing fruit and fleeing like feral cats whenever he approached. Over time they begin to trust him and grow close, but then men with guns show up on his property and the Earth shattering events that follow help set the course of his final days. Amanda Coplin doesn’t fail to impress with the woven story of America before railroads and roads united the vast nation. A tale of solidary souls interwoven through misfortune and suffering, but also of how a single heart can let the light of the world in.

ending remark

A big shoutout to everyone who helped make this issue of the Chronicle possible, including KATHY who created the header image, FIA for interviewing out member of the month and writing most of the article, and our contributors for resources, KELLIE, KATLYNN, and AISLINN. A big thanks for BECKY once again for the code as well. Thank you again for all your support and we hope you enjoyed this issue of the Chronicle.

I'm one of your friendly neighborhood administrators and resident starving actress XD Shoot me a pm if you are having issues with anything or ever have any questions! Thank you so much to Katlynn for my gorgeous signature set!

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This looks amazing and congrats to everyone.

lily potter
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retired candyland chronicle

This issue of the Candyland Chronicle has been retired due to being outdated. Each issue is still accessible by members and guests as read-only.


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actual marauders trash
hey u if ur reading this check out our saving candyland events ok

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