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welcome to CANDYLAND COUTURE, the sweetest resource site around! we are a coding, graphics and writing community which features unique events, challenges and an all round sense on community. with special challenges and an adventure at every turn, enjoy battling your way through candyland and why not jump in and TAKE A BITE!
thank yous are needed for the following people: essi for the skin and templates, sylvia for the amazing profile, adra for our lovely member group pips, chowder for those awesome cbox/site emojis and saturnthms for all font icons.

the site concept is credited to alice and our past and present staff members, who have all worked tirelessly to make candyland couture what it is today. without them there would be no candyland couture and we are grateful for their dedication to the site. stealing or bullying of any kind is not tolerated on cc, it will be dealt with accordingly.

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 hi hi
10 posts
alias ani07 pro. she/hercoding UNRANKED graphics candylander writing candylander
Hello everyone, as you all see I`m new. lol
My name is Anne and I`m from Germany.
Idk what exactly to tell you guys honestly, cause I`m so boring. xD

I`m a cat lover btw. <3

I like anime/manga. I read manga since I`m 14 years old (I`m born in 1989), so that makes 14 years now.
I`m old. q.q

I listen to kpop since 2010 and my fav group is SHINee. My Bias is Key.

In my life I had 3 mouses, 1 guinea pig and 2 cats. They are all dead now though.

I like graphic editing and do it for a while now, only as a hobby though and I only use GIMP.
So dont expect much from me. lol

I also wrote once. I started to work as an editor for a german newsite once, but I had to stop because of school.
When I got into kpop, I also started writing fanfiction, but I havent written anything in years now.
I do have ideas, but no inspiration.
So I kinda stopped writing some years ago.

If you have any questions about me, just ask.

user posted image
38 posts
alias Ruby pro. She/Hercoding Beginner graphics writing
Hello Annie! I'm Ruby, one of the advertising mods on CC! Welcome to Candyland!

Even though I'm not a major fan of anime or kpop but I am a huge animal lover myself! I have a cat called Gizmo and she's evil but I think she just takes after me. Kidding! I'm actually nice.

I also had two guinea pigs but they live with my sister now and as far as I know they can't stop eating.

Anyway if you need anything, just give me a shout and I'll try my best to help. Again, welcome!

ruby coding graphics link three link four july 10thHello! I'm Ruby! As you can tell I'm obsessed with Arrow. Anyway I'm one of the advertising mods here at CC! But I also code, and I'm starting to get into graphic and writing things too. This lovely sig code was made by Liv and the Arrow set was made by Deadpool.

user posted imageuser posted imageuser posted imageuser posted imageuser posted imageuser posted imageuser posted imageuser posted imageuser posted image user posted imageuser posted image]
58 posts
alias Stella pro. She/Hercoding unranked graphics unranked writing unranked
hi anne! welcome to cc! i'm stella and i'm one of the writing mods around the site! are there any mangas/animes in particular that you're a pretty big fan of? i definitely have some i'm partial to! and i have to ask! is the name gizmo from gremlins?! that's one of my all time favorite movies and i think it's the cutest name for a pet. if you have any questions or need anything at all, feel free to reach out! c:
10 posts
alias ani07 pro. she/hercoding UNRANKED graphics candylander writing candylander
@Ruby Arrow oh cool, I love cats. ♥ my guinea pig was white, you know the fluffy ones, with red eyes. I called it "schneeflocke" which mean snowflake in eng. xD

@INTER-STELLA a big fan of. hm.... manga definitely angel sanctuary by kaory yuki. it was actually my first manga too.

one of my all time fav anime is natsume yuujinchou.

user posted image
117 posts
alias renny pro. she/hercoding graphics writing
hi there anne! welcome to cc ~ my name is renny and i am one of the community mods around these parts! i am an absolute animal lover, especially towards cats. i've owned many, and currently have one vibrant soul living under my roof. she's a hellion, i promise you. i also have always wanted a guinea pig (my best friend in high school had one), but i've only owned up to a hamster - i think that's the closest i'll get to one for quite a while lol. if you ever need anything or just want to have a chat, please don't ever hesitate to reach out! i can't wait to see you around c:

user posted image
user posted image user posted image user posted image user posted image
568 posts
alias Rach pro. womancoding Intermediate graphics Intermediate writing
Welcome to Candyland! @ani07 I too am a GIMP User, the new software is tricky and annoying me so hard right now. The font's don't seem to gel, or fit as well as they used to in 2.8 but anyways. If you have any GIMP like questions, feel free to hit me up via discord or PM. Maybe we can learn or teach one another

I'm not open to requests at this time, but i may fill one or two here n there, find my stuff n thangs below!
10 posts
alias ani07 pro. she/hercoding UNRANKED graphics candylander writing candylander
@alaska young I actually prefer cats now and wouldnt want a guinea pig again. they are pretty loud and smelly (but cute lol).

@Rach. glad to see another gimp user. I still use a really old version (2.4) of gimp. lol I just looked at your gallery. seems like we have a really different style. XD but it would be nice to learn from each other.^^ there was a time I havent made graphics, so I forgot some things.

user posted image
3433 posts
alias Aislinn pro. she/hercoding graphics Intermediate writing Expert
    hey Anne! welcome to Candyland! i'm Aislinn, one of the admins c:

    i'm a huuuuge kpop fan!! i'm much newer to the fandom than you are, though, so i'm always looking to discover more artists. my bias from shinee is minho, but honestly i adore them all. they're so strong and i'm so proud of them my bias group is bts, though, with rm/namjoon being my ultimate bias!

    feel free to send me a message anytime, whether you need anything or would just like to chat sometime! <3


hiiii i'm aislinn, one of the admins aka pink ladies of this sweet resource site! i am bts trash and nam-joon is my ultimate bias. i mostly write, but i try to dabble in graphics (and hopefully coding soon) when i can! i lead the advertising team, but i can answer questions about anything concerning the site! i also love meeting new people, so also feel free to send me a message just to chat! you're also welcome to hit me up on discord (aislinn ~#6354). sig by Hayley (Deadpool.), sig code by sylvia, & gifs found via tumblr. xoxo
748 posts
alias JADE pro. she/hercoding Unranked graphics Advanced writing Expert
Hi Anne! Welcome to Candyland! We are super happy to have you. I, too, am absolutely a lover of cats.

Here is some cuteness to celebrate your joining of the site.

user posted image

user posted image
adorable set by the super talented hayley

2224 posts
alias Liv pro. she/hercoding expert graphics writing candylander
Hey Anne! I'm Liv one of the coding mods, and it's great to have you here!

I...have not been in the kpop fandom anyway near as long as you, I only started getting into things last week but...I fell hard to say the very least! I haven't listened to much SHINee yet though, my favourites rn are probably BTS and CLC, but I'm still far too new in the fandom to give you definitive answers on biases etc haha! <3 But honestly I'm down for any recs etc <3

Once again, welcome to Candyland!

22 - gmt
head mod


hey i'm liv, one of your head mods! (and coding mod) dm me if you need anything, except coding support, please post that in the coding support forum! cw
discord: liv#1000

user posted image
10 posts
alias ani07 pro. she/hercoding UNRANKED graphics candylander writing candylander
@luke skywalker ohhh nice. I definitely rec everything shinee. xD you should check out their albums.^^

user posted image
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