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 Ark City: A Futuristic Meta-humans Rp, sci-fi | dystopian | Jcink [M]
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New Player’s Guide | Rules | World Lore | Adverts

The first gifted humans, the Evolutes, were born in the 2030s, and they’ve been objects of fear and worship ever since. Talk about mixed signals. At first the ordinary world, the “Typics,” struggled over how to deal with them. Evolutes were registered and classified and a new drug was developed to help contain their abilities, but it hardly escaped anyone’s notice that they were quickly becoming second-class citizens. When a mysterious plague swept across the world, obliterating entire cities in a matter of weeks, many believed that the Evolutes were the cause, and they became targets for fear and violence. In those dark days, it truly did seem as though the world was coming to an end.

Until suddenly it wasn’t.

Seeking to protect his home, an Evolute called Malachi, whose power was beyond anything previously documented, used his gifts to erect an energy barrier around the city of Ark. The Dome prevented the plague from entering its confines--and cut the city off from the outside world in the process. Ark was imprisoned, but its people survived. As far as they know, they’re the only ones who did.

One hundred years later, Malachi’s Dome still stands. Feelings towards Evolutes are...mixed to say the least. The large majority remain second-class citizens, their lives tightly controlled by those in power. There are countermovements--those who seek to challenge the status quo--and not all of them are peaceful.

As various factions vie for control, for reform, or for their own personal gain, many have begun to fear that Ark is on the verge of war for with itself.

Whose side are you on?
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dystopian/post-apocalyptic based

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hi there! my name is elena and i'm one of your lovely advertising mods here on cc.
i joined the staff team in early august and i love it! feel free to pm me if you have any questions regarding advertising or otherwise, or if you'd just like to chat!!


10/7/2017 i'm here, just quieter during the day because of school!

10/6/2017 thanks to the wonderful sarah for my signature code <3

8/7/2017 joined the staff team as an advertising mod!

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Happy Halloween!
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