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 Embrace The Chains {jcink}, Supernatural Apocalyptic BDSM RP
.Sophia 3 + CANDYLANDER candies
Nov 21 2017, 06:26 PM         Quote        
user posted image

The world we once called home is gone.
Humans always believed they were the top of the food chain. Their arrogance grew so great they believed they could cheat nature herself. Until the very land they trod on, ground up and erected new building turned on them.

Storms rolled in from the shores, ravaging the land and drowning everything else. Tectonic shifts triggered earthquakes and volcanic eruptions on a global scale, swallowing everything that happened to be in it’s path. Adding insult to injury, one of mankind’s greatest achievements also spat in its face. The chain of natural disasters and the lack of surviving humans to maintain the systems caused nuclear meltdowns in all plants that had been built, the waste spilling out and tainting the land. The radiation from the nuclear meltdowns, over time, disfigured humans and animals alike, augmenting their attributes, doubling their size and making them ten times angrier, a hundred times deadlier.

But nature was not done testing the humankind just yet, the land reclaimed the towns and cities that were once brimming with life. Rainforests and woodland now stand in the place where once majestic cities rose high into the skyline. Since dubbed The Wilds, they have become perilous to everyone with the mutated creatures lurking in just about every shadow.

In the shadow of the human’s reign were the true apex predators. Supernatural creatures that had remained hidden for centuries, waiting for their moment.

When the human’s fell, the vampires rose up, rounding up the surviving humans with promises of safety and shelter. Which is exactly what they received, although little did they know their presence there was no longer as human beings, they were property. Werewolves followed suit in this, also collecting shapeshifters, their lesser cousins. Humans were slaves, shifters were kept as pets, bought and sold on the whims of their masters.

Denver Colorado is the seat of power to the largest, most dangerous clan of vampires, the Malitias Tuas. Ruling the city with an iron fist, they are well known for being crooked and it was their idea initially to capture humans and shifters alike, branding both a sub-species. The only other species in the city living freely are the Werewolves and the Witches. Most buildings are still in use but vegetation has taken over some of the city. Vines grow on street lamps and cover shop fronts. Flowers line the sidewalks and grass grows down roads that are hardly traveled; two tire tracks leaving bare strips in the road. A lot of the street lights do not work or flicker, the city is dark and foreboding.

The city welcomes no one that belongs here.

Werewolves are equally as strong as the vampires and far more ferocious. As such the vampires left them be at first, later including Denver’s largest pack in their dealings, allowing them to partake in the slave trade. The Witches, on the other hand, were always left be. As the preservers of nature and the covens of Denver being numerous, it was thought better to befriend and work with them than make an enemy of them. The Witches are the ones responsible for keeping what buildings are left standing thanks to their spells and rituals.

Since the gathering of the humans and shifters, there have been escapees. Most, if not all, fled to the Wilds, knowing their masters wouldn’t risk their own lives just to find them. The escapees formed tribes that inhabit The Wilds and some of the Outskirts. There are also smaller sects within these tribes that form the Rebellion, groups of humans and shifters alike that fight to take down the supernatural oppressors and restore balance.

What happens next? The future can’t always be dark.

But it is in your hands.
alice in candyland. 5572 + ADMINISTRATOR candies
Alice codingIntermediate graphicsAdvanced writingLegendary hall of fame
Nov 26 2017, 10:08 AM         Quote        


fantasy based

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You're absolutely Alice,             I'd know you anywhere.

Mizz Monroe 0 + candies
Jan 13 2018, 05:06 PM         Quote        
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Very active and soooo many want ads!
Monroe 2 + CANDYLANDER candies
Feb 5 2018, 09:56 AM         Quote        
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