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welcome to CANDYLAND COUTURE, the sweetest resource site around! we are a coding, graphics and writing community which features unique events, challenges and an all round sense on community. with special challenges and an adventure at every turn, enjoy battling your way through candyland and why not jump in and TAKE A BITE!
thank yous are needed for the following people: essi for the skin and templates, sylvia for the amazing profile, adra for our lovely member group pips, chowder for those awesome cbox/site emojis and saturnthms for all font icons.

the site concept is credited to alice and our past and present staff members, who have all worked tirelessly to make candyland couture what it is today. without them there would be no candyland couture and we are grateful for their dedication to the site. stealing or bullying of any kind is not tolerated on cc, it will be dealt with accordingly.

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 Advertising Rules
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rules on how to link with us

So, you’re interesting in advertising with us? Great! Just make sure that you follow a few simple rules outlined below when submitting your advertisement, so that we can accept and sort it with no problems. There aren’t many rules, but whether you are linking first or linking back, you are still expected to follow them.

To start with, please be sure to include your FORUM HOST somewhere in your topic title or description. You should also include what GENRE your site is. Take a look at our sub-forums, as these are the forums we will use to sort your advertisement and choose what genre suits your site best from there! This makes it easier for our Advertising Mods to sort your advertisement. As always, please make sure that you also include the CORRECT LINK TO YOUR SITE so that we, and other guests, are able to find your site. If your advertisement contains a wonky link, it will be pended, so make sure to check back if you are a guest to ensure that the advertising process went smoothly! All advertisements posted by members that are pended should expect to receive a message from an Advertising Moderator alerting them of the temporary issue.

As a Premium site, we do allow mature sites to advertise or affiliate with us. However, please include an [M] tag should your site contain LANGUAGE, NUDITY, SEXUAL, OR OTHER MATURE THEMES so that our younger members can avoid these sites. Failure to comply with this rule will result in your Advertisement being removed and archived where only the Head Staff can access it, as it is a breach of the Jcink Terms of Service. If you are a member, an Advertising Moderator will send you a message alerting you to the archival. If you still wish to advertise with us, please make sure that your Advertising Image is age-appropriate, and that your Site Name does not include any derogatory words.

This one is obvious, but please ensure that ALL YOUR CODING WORKS BEFORE POSTING YOUR AD. This includes your images, too. We don’t want to see coding tags that do not work, as not all sites use the same coding, or broken images. The same goes for links, as discussed above. Please remember that Jcink and IF use one type of coding, but Proboards, Zetaboards, and other boards use other types. You should accommodate your advertisement coding to fit the site you are advertising on. Additionally, for security purposes, DOHTML IS NOT ENABLED FOR GUESTS. If you want to post an advertisement using DoHTML, you will need to register an account. Otherwise your advertisement must be coded using BBCode only. If there is an issue with your advertisement that we can’t fix, it will be pended. As always, keep in mind that if GUESTS CANNOT ADVERTISE ON YOUR SITE, we will not accept your advertisement as we will not be able to link back. You must contain a guest friendly advertising forum, as well as allow JCINK SITES TO ADVERTISE.

When bumping your advertisement, you are allowed ONE BUMP PER WEEK. This means you can bump your post on EACH SEVENTH DAY. If you bump before the allotted time frame, you will be warned. However, if this happens THREE TIMES, whether consecutive or not, your advertisement will be archived and an Advertising Moderator will contact you alerting you of the situation. You must then wait a full week before being able to advertise with us again. Also, be sure not to DOUBLE POST YOUR ADVERTISEMENT. Before posting, please ensure that your advertisement has not already been posted on our site, as we WILL deny and archive the second version of the advertisement. If you wish to update the advertisement and do not have access as a guest, please let a Mod know in the chatbox that you wish for the older version to be archived.

Any Advertising Mod or Head Staffer possesses the right to archive, pend, or deny your advertisement at any time. If you are a guest, we expect YOU to check back with us to ensure there were no issues with your advertisement. If you are a member and your advertisement is pended, you will be contacted by an Advertising Moderator outlining the issue. You will then be given a time frame to fix the problem. Failure to do so will result in automatic denial of the advertisement. If at any time you wish for an archived advertisement to be moved back, please contact an Advertising Mod, or post in THIS THREAD. Your ad will be denied if it goes against our rules or the Jcink Terms of Service, or if you fail to fix any issues after a pending notification. If your ad is denied, you have the opportunity to re-post your advertisement again. Remember your advertisement could be pended, denied, or archived for a variety of reasons and you WILL be made aware of this reason either through personal message or through a post on the ad itself.

Finally, any advertisement that contains a snarky message (example: “You better join us before everywhere else dies and we’re the only ones left, because we’re the best!”) whether it be in the advertisement itself, or in a bump post, it WILL be edited to have the message removed. If we are unable to edit the message out, such as it’s inclusion in the advertisement image, your advertisement runs the risk of being archived. These messages are not only rude, but also degrading towards other sites. We all work hard to open our sites; nobody holds the right to an arrogant attitude.

the wrong alice ?!
You're absolutely Alice,             I'd know you anywhere.

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