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welcome to CANDYLAND COUTURE, the sweetest resource site around! we are a coding, graphics and writing community which features unique events, challenges and an all round sense on community. with special challenges and an adventure at every turn, enjoy battling your way through candyland and why not jump in and TAKE A BITE!
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 Ascendant: An Original Abilities Rpg, proboards | Anime/Manga based
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alias Kitten4u pro. She/Hercoding graphics writing
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Home | Rules | Plot | Groups | Powers | Battle Rules | FAQ

Six years ago, a mysterious illness began to sweep the globe. In its wake, those who survived it were left with immensely powerful supernatural abilities.

The number of people capable of wielding magic powers has slowly increased since then. Recently, a power appeared which was capable of opening portals to alternate universes resembling historical periods, each of which was also experiencing its own magical surge. The Academy was constructed in an empty universe as a gathering place and neutral ground for empowered people across all universes.

The students of the Academy all wield power far beyond what any mundane person can ever hope to achieve. They can't ever go back to just being regular people. However, while the Academy is the only place where they can find friends with similar abilities, it's also the only place where they can find enemies strong enough to oppose them. As the students band together to change their worlds, they lay the groundwork for a struggle of multiversal proportions.

- A diceless, strategic battle system to let characters fight for control, change the universe, and mix things up for the players.
- A character driven plot with direct ways for players to influence and expand the setting.
- Options for players to keep certain details about their characters secret from other players.
- No word count and no pressure.

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anime/manga based

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alias Kitten4u pro. She/Hercoding graphics writing
Ascendant is now a month old! To keep with the theme and help people keep up with what's going on, we had an NPC member of the school's staff put up an antagonistic report card summarizing the events and what the academy thinks of them. The plan is to do this every month, so enjoy!


Every month, a sheet of paper is posted in the Academy's main thoroughfare leading from the Hall of Portals. It's presumably placed there by a staff member, though no one has ever caught the culprit in the act. The sheet's title indicates that it's meant as a "report card" of sorts, evaluating the performance of the mages active in the regions connected to the Academy (even those mages who want nothing to do with the Academy itself). It's not clear what, if any, significance these grades actually have. The only thing known for sure is that someone is keeping track of mage conflicts, and that person seems to want to encourage said conflicts to grow even greater.

Class report card of June 1st, Year 1

This has been a wonderful month, hasn't it? Buildings demolished, grudges formed, friendships threatened... But you students still have a long way to go! Instead of a building, why not demolish a city? Instead of a grudge, why not a lifelong blood feud? And why bother with friendships in the first place? Anyway, keep up the good work!

In the meantime, here are the evaluations of your class projects.

Terrorizing Florence: A-

The Italian peninsula was largely controlled by stable, prosperous republics during the early renaissance, but you wouldn't know it by looking at our Florence of 1448 now! Following a fight between mages that resulted in astounding collateral damage to prominent Florentine architecture, the former ruling class are keeping their heads down and doing as they're told as though worried about being zapped by Jupiter himself. And it's hilarious! Their new mage royalty currently just seems to be interested in using the place as one big magic laboratory, but you can expect things to get more interesting once the neighboring city-states take notice of the electric overlord in their midst - especially if other mages decide to lend them some help. In the meantime, the data on mage population distributions sure is interesting, isn't it?

Being nosy: D+

The only thing worse than a rulebreaker is a cowardly rulebreaker! A bunch of students trespassing in the restricted areas stumbled across each other, but they barely fought at all - even when a nearby staff member helpfully offered a convenient misunderstanding to kick things off! Don't you students know that the restricted areas are restricted for a reason? Just imagine if some more malicious students ran across the radioactive materials and nerve agents we left lying around there. If they used those materials to wreak havoc on the multiverse, you know who to blame: the other students who looked the other way while the rules were broken!

Saving sacrifice: B+

This project started when a student took issue with the whole "torture captives to death for superstitious purposes" thing that was happening in one of the portal cities, but the real stars of the show are the students who didn't give a damn about it as long as they could make the city belong to them - the same students, in fact, that left such an impact on Florence earlier in the month! It was a great fight with plenty of magic attacks flung in all directions, even between so-called "allies," but there was just one problem: even with all the other mages driven out of the city, the victors have been too busy managing Florence to properly make use of the place! But it'll probably be fine - either the victors will solidify their hold over the city soon, or someone else will come along to claim it for themselves. Good luck, students!

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