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welcome to candyland couture, the sweetest resource site around! we are a coding, graphics and writing community which features unique events, challenges and an all round sense on community. with special challenges and an adventure at every turn, enjoy battling your way through candyland and why not jump in and take a bite!

thank yous are needed for the following people: becky and sylvia for the skin and templates, essi for the background photo, adra for our lovely member group pips, chowder for those awesome cbox/site emojis and font awesome for all font icons. the site concept is credited to alice and our past and present staff members, who have all worked tirelessly to make candyland couture what it is today. without them, especially alice, there would be no candyland couture and we are grateful for their dedication to the site. stealing or bullying of any kind is not tolerated on cc, it will be dealt with accordingly.

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 Our Heroes and Villains [Jcink], OUaT/Panfandom
Syndehy 168 + CANDYLANDER
May 31 2016, 12:36 PM         Quote        
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After Hook's death, the heroes decided to head to the Underworld to save him, dragging Rumplestiltskin along with them. When they arrived, however, they realized that saving Hook, and even getting themselves home, wasn't going to be a simple matter of true love's kiss. Still, they persevered and after helping many denizens of the Underworld move on, along with condemning some to torment forever, they managed to defeat the mighty Hades and return to the world of the living. However, they didn't come back alone- many of the formerly dead followed them to the world of the living, a weakness in the magic after Hades' defeat granting them a second chance at life. Among these beings was a dark and sinister evil that had been biding his time in the depths of hell until the right moment to make his return. A moment that came when the foolish heroes of Storybrooke ventured into a realm they didn't fully understand and played with the rules of life and death. This ancient evil was known as the Horned King, though his mighty name faded into obscurity from so long in oblivion.

Now free, the Horned King quickly sought to reunite with his source of power- an evil cauldron that had been stored in a forgotten realm for safe keeping. This realm, known as the Land of Untold Stories, quickly fell under the dominion of his might. Using the power of his almighty cauldron, an enchanted item that had been collecting darkness for thousands of years, the Horned King went back to his original mission- to rid existence of all realms beyond one of his own making. That meant accessing and destroying each and every unwanted kingdom.

Meanwhile, in Storybrooke, things returned mostly to normal. The formerly dead went about trying to find their places, both good and evil. Many looked to mend their ways, while others were eager to get back to the same tricks that got them killed the first time. Many others simply wanted to figure out the strange new realm they found themselves in, and have a normal life. On the whole, though, it was a bit of a reprieve from chaos as everyone settled in. Naturally, it wasn't to last.

Portals have started appearing at random, staying open from minutes to days, leading to realms both old and new, and seemingly coming from no where. Even the darkest of Dark Ones claims to have no idea where the portals are coming from, or if they're going to stop. These portals have been stealing people away from Storybrooke as well as dumping unsuspecting people from distant lands into the town they know nothing about.

One thing's for sure: it may take all Our Heroes and Villains to stop this new threat.
mother of dragons. 2671 + RETIRED STAFF
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Jun 3 2016, 10:07 AM         Quote        


tv show based

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mother of dragons.
november 9th:happy november all you beautiful members! it's great to see you all getting so involved on the site. i'd hop everyone is having a good semester in school or enjoying their lovely fall. let me do a shameless shout out to the challenge sections and the candyland adventure! they're an amazing way to get active and bring all your beautiful talents to light. we have a lot of exciting things planned for the holidays and i can't wait to unveil them when the time comes. i hope everyone is well and please don't hesitate to reach out to me for anything!

please be sure to drop in and take our member feedback survey because we really would love to hear your thoughts and opinions on candyland. Please be as honest as you can with us about everything. we also have our ongoing promotion sign ups going across the month now and a lot of great challenges right now thanks to our amazing challenge mods. As always, thanks for being a loyal candylander && if you need anything please don't hesitate to reach out!

please drop in to check out the rp sites i'm on & running. be sure to say hey to everyone because we love seeing new people, trust me we'll talk your ears off!

Credit to my graphics set goes to the amazing Katlynn! Credit for my buttons go to current and former staffers and a huge thank you to Nana for my lovely sig code. I super appreciate it love.
Syndehy 168 + CANDYLANDER
Jun 7 2016, 10:15 AM         Quote        
What an amazing start! We're still looking for all kinds of main and supporting canons, as well as OCs and non-canon fandom characters!
Syndehy 168 + CANDYLANDER
Jun 14 2016, 08:43 AM         Quote        
Giving this a bump!
Syndehy 168 + CANDYLANDER
Jun 21 2016, 10:42 AM         Quote        
Another bump! Going strong!
Syndehy 168 + CANDYLANDER
Jun 28 2016, 09:33 AM         Quote        
Weekly bump: get!
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Jul 8 2016, 11:20 AM         Quote        
Syndehy 168 + CANDYLANDER
Jul 16 2016, 06:17 PM         Quote        
Another bump!
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Aug 28 2016, 12:24 PM         Quote        
Season five is on Netflix! YAAAAY
Syndehy 168 + CANDYLANDER
Sep 4 2016, 02:00 PM         Quote        
Monthly update!

There's been a bit of an overhaul to the New Realms! First up, there is no more Gardens of Imagination. I never felt the realm made much sense and decided to simply do away with it. In its place, we now have two new board! Hub World, a realm where video game characters can come from, and The Land Time Forgot, a prehistoric world for dinosaur adventures! Two of our old Realms have also had a bit of a re-design. Tomorrowland now allows for space travel (though apps from there must still make sense in a Once setting) and the Mysterious Islands have become a supernatural/dark world! More information about the changes can be found in the New Realms board, which also got a re-vamp this month!

New sub forums include:

Whiterun (fantasyland)
Sunnydale (Mysterious Islands)
Jurassic World (Mysterious Islands)
San Fransokyo (tomorrowland)
The Destiny (tomorrowland)
Hyrule (Hub World)
The Mushroom Kingdom (Hub World)

If you would like a new sub board, head to the new board requests area and post away!

Along with the new realms, there's also a few new features on the board! If you like random plots with random people, but don't know how to go about getting RP, head over to the Thread Lottery! These will be set up at least once a month, and characters will get to interact in settings and pairings decided by me!

We also have a Mini Events board now! All canon events will be kept there. AU boards still go in the AU section, even if they're large scale! If you would like to do a user-driven event, set up an interest thread in the group plotting area and then make a board request and I can get that up for you!

Speaking of mini events, the site's first one is now underway! Take a peek at Youthful Abandon and see if you would like to join in! The citizens of Storybrooke have woken up one morning to find themselves reverted back to kids of all ages! Only a few adults remain to try and keep everyone in order, as well as find a way to reverse the problem!
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