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welcome to CANDYLAND COUTURE, the sweetest resource site around! we are a coding, graphics and writing community which features unique events, challenges and an all round sense on community. with special challenges and an adventure at every turn, enjoy battling your way through candyland and why not jump in and TAKE A BITE!
thank yous are needed for the following people: essi for the skin and templates, sylvia for the amazing profile, adra for our lovely member group pips, chowder for those awesome cbox/site emojis and saturnthms for all font icons.

the site concept is credited to alice and our past and present staff members, who have all worked tirelessly to make candyland couture what it is today. without them there would be no candyland couture and we are grateful for their dedication to the site. stealing or bullying of any kind is not tolerated on cc, it will be dealt with accordingly.

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 July Newsletter.
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alias Alice pro. coding Intermediate graphics Advanced writing Legendary
July Newsletter
announcements and updates

Hey Candylanders! Our Summer Events are ending soon! Please be sure to check out the STAFF GUESS WHO, where you can guess which random fact fits each participating staff member! You have the opportunity to win some awesome, so be sure to check it out! We also have our ICE CREAM SCAVENGER HUNT going on where you can find hidden Ice Cream Cones around the site for prizes. Both of these events are ending on AUGUST 15TH, which is in just six short days! Check them out while they last!


To start off our announcement of what has happened with the staff team this month, we wanted to start by saying a big thank you to SYLVIA, who recently stepped down as a Head Moderator. We will sincerely miss having Sylvia as a part of the staff team - we really appreciate all of the hard work she has put into the site, and she has been a central figurehead on the Candyland Staff Team for a long time now. We will miss her so so much, and hope that she will return to us in the future! <3

We also would like to welcome back one of our former Administrators, SYDNEY. Sydney has been on an extended hiatus due to university, as she has been working extremely hard to graduate early. We are very happy to have her back, so please be sure to say hello if you see her perusing around the site!

In addition to these two major changes, we also welcomed new members to staff team. This past month we hired two new Writing Moderators - NOVA & ASPEN (Aspen is a returning staff member who has undergone an alias change and we are SO excited to welcome her return. Both are extremely talented writers and sweet people and we are pumped to have them both join the Green Team! We also wound up with three new Coding Moderators - the talented ATLAS, our lovely newcomer sensation POPPY, and MONTY (a former Challenge Moderator), made the switch to the Coding Team as well. We are so lucky to have so many talented coders and we hope you all get a chance to go through some of their gorgeous codes. Finally, we welcomed the lovely SCARLETT to the Community Team, and you may have already seen her around so feel free to shout out a hello or ask her any questions! We are so happy with our returning staff members and the new staffers just hired - we are still looking for staff, so if you'd like a shot at being part of this sweet team, just check out the link below!

We are currently still looking for staff members, so if you are interested, please check out THIS THREAD!


We had so many Promotion Applications last month and we are happy to report the results here! Congratulations to those who applied for promotions last month! Remember that you can apply for promotions at any time! See below for last month's promotions. Awards were made by JADE, one of our Head Moderators, and here were the results:


Congratulations to Sam (@caleidoscope)!!

Congratulations to Kayla (@Infinite Insanity) & Renny (@Arizona Robbins.)!!

Congratulations to Ani07 (@ani07)!!


Congratulations to Nicole (@thunderstruck)!!

Congratulations to Cassie (@camila cabello.)!!

Congratulations to Hayley (@Deadpool.) & Ruby (@Ruby Arrow)!!


Congratulations to Noir (@Akira Kurusu) & Stella (@INTER-STELLA)!!

Congratulations to Desi (@Adrianna Fiore) & Liv (@[liv skywalker])!!

Congratulations to Jessica (@eisenbuns]) & Anthony (@ant) & Kitten (@TwiggysKitten)!!


Our Of The Months have been decided once again! The winners of each category are listed below, and you can also find this information in our Header, where each winning piece has been individually linked. The awards were created by one of our oh-so-fabulous Head Moderators, JADE.

Congratulations everyone!!!

Hugs and candy kisses,
- Alice, Aislinn, Kathy, & Sydney

the wrong alice ?!
You're absolutely Alice,             I'd know you anywhere.

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alias Cassie pro. she/hercoding intermediate graphics writing
congratulations to everyone who got promotions, all of the winners of otms and all the new staff <3

crying in the club

work is a tad bit crazy right now but i will be on as much as i can be. you can pm me if you need me! forever going to be in love with camila cabello! also really into shawn mendes, riverdale, degrassi: the next generation and veronica mars.

3888 posts
alias Aislinn pro. she/hercoding graphics Intermediate writing Expert
congrats to everyone who got promoted and received an otm!! and welcome, again, to all the new & returning staff <3


hiiii i'm aislinn, one of the admins aka pink ladies of this sweet resource site! i am kpop trash, and kim nam-joon of bts is my ultimate bias. i mostly write, but i try to dabble in graphics (and hopefully coding soon) when i can! i lead the advertising team, but i can answer questions about anything concerning the site! i also love meeting new people, so also feel free to send me a message just to chat! you're also welcome to hit me up on discord (aislinn ~#6354). sig by Hayley, sig code by Sylvia, & gifs found via tumblr. xoxo
183 posts
alias renny pro. she/hercoding graphics Intermediate writing
congratulations everyone ~

hi, hello ! my name is renny and i am one of your community moderators. i enjoy short walks to the fridge and grey's anatomy. i like to think i am skilled at graphics and writing, so you can find a few of my pieces floating around in either two galleries. if you ever need anything or just care to have a chat about really anything in the world, my inbox is always open! see you around! c:

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alias Poppy pro. she/hercoding candylander graphics writing candylander
Congratulations all!!! Super surprised and grateful for the OTM win, too <3

hello my name is poppy and I'm relatively new @ candyland. I'm in england on the GMT time zone, but feel free to catch me on discord whenever you'd like! my main gig is coding but I'm steadily and slowly branching out into graphics, and if I feel confident enough I might try my hand at some writing challenges???
07/25 kinda..just joined?
No one calls you honey when you'resitting on a throne


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alias nova pro. she/hercoding unranked graphics unranked writing Intermediate
Congrats everyone!! Thank you for the warm welcome ♥️

user posted image

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alias JADE pro. she/hercoding Unranked graphics Advanced writing Expert
Congratulations everyone on the well deserved promotions and OTMs! Devastated to see Sylvia leave, but delighted to welcome the new and returning staff members! Everyone is amazing and ily!

user posted image
adorable set by the super talented hayley

541 posts
alias Monty pro. She/Hercoding Advanced graphics writing Intermediate
Congrats everyone! Well-deserved wins!

@Mew. those otms are GORGEOUS I am in AWE.

Monty • 19 • Coding Mod
Hey, I'm monty and I'm a coding moderator here! Feel free to pm me if you need anything or have questions. The easiest way to reach me is definitely through my discord: monty#7777. REMEMBER THOUGH: the coding help forum is your friend!!

Graphic set made by the graphic goddess Hayley. <3
1212 posts
alias JADE pro. she/hercoding Unranked graphics Advanced writing Expert
ty so much, monty <3 <3

user posted image
adorable set by the super talented hayley

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alias Scarlett pro. she/hercoding INTERMEDIATE graphics - writing -
Conratulations to all who got promoted, all the new staff and all the lovely OTM’s, very thankful for mine!

spaced out

hello i'm scarlett and i've been coding for fay too long now, i'm always free if you have any questions so don't be afraid to shoot me a message or @ me in a post
119 posts
alias aless pro. she / hercoding candylander graphics preliminary writing candylander
congrats to everyone!!! thanks so much for the otm <3 <3
60 posts
alias ani07 pro. she/hercoding UNRANKED graphics beginner writing candylander
Congratulations to all who got promoted and won OTM!
Thank you so much for nominating me and also voting for me.
Thxs for the win! ♥

user posted image
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alias Rach pro. womancoding Intermediate graphics Intermediate writing
Congratulations one and all.

I'm not open to requests at this time, but i may fill one or two here n there, find my stuff n thangs below!
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alias Titli pro. Shecoding graphics Advanced writing
Congrats everyone!! Amazing awards

user posted image
user posted imageuser posted image
valyria @Shadowplay made this lovely set <3
2389 posts
alias Liv pro. she/hercoding Legendary graphics writing intermediate
A lot has gone on this month, congratulations to all the new/returning moderators (a special shout out to my coding children, it makes me so happy to see a full team!), and Sylvia I'm sorry to see you go <3 :emotional:

Thank you for the OTMs!! And congrats to everyone else who won or was nominated, you all deserve it so much! Jade has seriously outdone herself with these gorgeous awards, I'm so happy to have not one but two beautifying my HOF

22 - gmt
head mod


hey i'm liv, one of your head mods! (and coding mod) dm me if you need anything, except coding support, please post that in the coding support forum! cw
discord: liv#1000

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