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welcome to candyland couture, the sweetest resource site around! we are a coding, graphics and writing community which features unique events, challenges and an all round sense on community. with special challenges and an adventure at every turn, enjoy battling your way through candyland and why not jump in and take a bite!

thank yous are needed for the following people: becky and sylvia for the skin and templates, essi for the background photo, adra for our lovely member group pips, chowder for those awesome cbox/site emojis and font awesome for all font icons. the site concept is credited to alice and our past and present staff members, who have all worked tirelessly to make candyland couture what it is today. without them, especially alice, there would be no candyland couture and we are grateful for their dedication to the site. stealing or bullying of any kind is not tolerated on cc, it will be dealt with accordingly.

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 Aislinn [ADMINISTRATOR], aissybear
princais lolly 3063 + ADMINISTRATOR
Aislinnshe/her coding graphicsIntermediate writingExpert hall of fame
Jun 5 2014, 11:53 AM         Quote        
Meet Aislinn!
a candylicous administrator

    Promotions, Social Media, Chronicle

What is your favorite thing about Candyland?

The community is beyond compare. I've always had a hard time connecting with people offline, and everyone on Candyland has been kind and supportive. I'm SO proud of the welcoming and accepting vibe we always strive for.

What are your favorite genres to role play?

HARRY POTTER. That's my favorite because I've really grown up with the books and movies, and creating a character in that world is very fun for me. I do real life sites as well, but to keep me interested, it usually has to have some sort of interesting twist!

What are your favorite movies/books/video games/ect?

books: Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, Divergent, Sherlock Holmes stories
tv shows: Riverdale, How to Get Away With Murder, Sherlock, Doctor Who, Firefly, Degrassi, American Horror Story, Bates Motel, Friends
movies: Disney, Studio Ghibli, Marvel, Wonder Woman, Les Mis, Back to the Future
video games: Skyrim, Dragon Age, The Sims, Fallout 3/4
music Imagine Dragons, Coldplay, Fall Out Boy, Ed Sheeran, classic rock

i'm forever forgetting things, so this list is not exhaustive.

What other hobbies/interests besides roleplaying, graphics, coding, or writing do you have?

I watch way too much tv and play too many video games. I LOVE playing music. I've been playing the flute for twelve years and the piccolo for six years. I also have a brown belt in karate. I'm a graduate student studying clinical psychology with a focus in children. My biggest ambition is to be an international spy, but by even saying that, I've probably ruined my chances hahaha.

What made you want to become staff on a resource forum?

I'd been on resource sites for a while as a member. I was never confident enough to post writing or graphics or anything. When I saw Alice's staff search on Caution, I decided to apply, even though I knew it would be a long shot. But she hired me as an advertising mod. This was over two years ago before Candyland even opened. Since then, I've fallen completely in love with this site. I've been here since the very beginning, and even though CC is Alice's baby, I feel like the proud big sister.



hiiii i'm aislinn, one of the admins aka pink ladies of this sweet resource site! i mostly write, but i try to dabble in graphics (and hopefully coding soon) when i can! i lead the advertising team, but i can answer questions about anything concerning the site! I also love meeting new people, so also feel free to send me a message just to chat! big thanks to sylvia for the sig code & vic for the sig! xoxo
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